Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order a Cake?

All whole cake orders must be placed online. You can shop cakes here and chose pick up or delivery at checkout. We require 48 hours notice for whole cake orders, no exceptions. Ex. If you wanted a cake for Friday you would have to order before or on the previous Wednesday. We do not take orders over the phone.

Currently, we do not have whole cakes available for walk ins and the max slice count you can order at the shop is four per cake.

Where Do You Deliver?

We deliver in Brooklyn and Manhattan, browse our selection of whole cakes, pies, and treats here! If you just want a slice of something we deliver within Brooklyn and Queens, check us out on Caviar!   

Do You Ship Nationwide?

We can only ship non-perishable items nationally. You can order our cookbook and try a hand at one of our recipes or rock some of our famous t-shirts!

What Is Your Best Seller?

Our Birthday Cake! Named the “Absolute Best Birthday in NYC” by New York Magazine, it’s three layers of rich dense vanilla cake with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.

Do You Have Gift Cards?

Yep! You can purchase a gift card here or in person at our bar!

Do You Have Cupcakes?

We don’t sell cupcakes in house but we do offer them on our catering menu. Check out all our catering offerings here.

Where Can I Get Your Cookbook?

You can get a signed copy of Butter & Scotch: Recipes from Brooklyn’s Favorite Bar and Bakery in-store or order it online!

Do You Have Vegan Desserts?

We have a few vegan options on our menu however, most of our products contain dairy (butter is in our name, after all!). If you’re looking to order a custom dessert you can email

Do You Have Gluten-free Desserts?

We have a few gluten free options on our menu however, most of our baked goods contain gluten. If you’re looking to order a custom dessert you can email

Do You Have Boozy Desserts?

We don’t have any boozy baked goods. If you’re looking for a custom booze-infused baked good you can reach out to our catering team at 

Are You A Nut-Free Bakery?

No. We process nuts on our equipment.

Do You Take Reservations?

We don’t take reservations. If you’re interested in hosting a private party you can take a peek at our Buy Out packages here.

Are Kids Allowed?

Yep! We have table seating where children are welcome - let them have a brownie sundae while you sip on a cocktail!

Do You Have A Press Contact?

Press inquiries can be sent to

Can I Work For You?

We're always on the lookout for great people! Please email, if we're not hiring at the moment, we'll keep your resume on file.

Have a question you don't see the answer to? You can always chat us, just click the message bubble in the bottom left hand corner!